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I want to spend a moment to talk about our youth.
As we all know every kid is different and participates in basketball for a variety of reasons. For some (especially the younger kids) it may be a social event. They enjoy being with friends and having a good time. For others it may be that they just love to play basketball.

There are many reasons that kids play and they vary by age and personality. Obviously the high school player is going to have different reasons for playing then a 10 year old. Unfortunately sometimes adults don't recognize what the kid wants to get out of playing and this all depends on the passion they develop for the sport. I believe there are some common themes that apply at all levels and I promise that most of you will experience these things while playing with CCB.

Simply put, kids don't want to play if they aren't having fun. The personality and age of the player determines a kids definition of “fun”. A high school player may think it's fun to practice as hard as he/she can in order to be successful so the competition is what's fun. For most younger kids the competition isn't as important. They are more interested in the action and excitement of playing. Winning and losing most often means a lot more to the coach and parents than it does to the kids.

Variety and Organization
Kids (and parents alike) want variety and action. They want to develop different skills and they want to run around and have fun. A practice, team and organization that keeps them moving, playing games, learning, and has a variety of activities, provides an family environment that most kids will enjoy and that’s what CCB strives to fulfill each year.

Building Skill
Kids love learning new skills. Just watch the joy of a child making a shot for the first time, crossing a defender for the first time or even getting a double-double for the first time. As their skill level improves, the challenges will also increase and contribute to the growth of the student athlete.

All kids want to be accepted and liked by their peers. Playing on a team gives most kids the opportunity to form friendships and interact with other kids in a setting other than school. Many friendships are formed or strengthened while playing for CCB.

Action and Excitement
Kids seek excitement in organized sports. They want action; they want excitement. And believe me, our CCB teams find themselves in many action packed and exciting games during the season.

Competition is listed last for a reason. Some kids enjoy competing against their peers, but some don't like the increased pressure of heavy competition that AAU sometimes brings. Learning to deal with higher level competition as well as disappointment is important. A kids desire for competition will develop as their skills increase . But, many kids aren't ready to be pushed into highly competitive situations where they feel the pressure to perform. Each child at CCB will learn that with hard work and dedication, the ability to become a stronger competitor will come in due time.

Our basketball season is an opportunity for growth, development, and experience. It is also full of ups and downs not only for CCB but for most AAU teams and organizations.

Having said all that, our primary objective here at CCB is not to win at all costs, but to teach and encourage good sportsmanship, and hard work not only on the court but in the classroom as well.

While there are some organizations that focus solely on winning, we at CCB try to focus on growing the kids and preparing them for their future. Simply put, CCB is all about the kids.

As adults (coaches, parents and mentors) we must always keep in mind, regardless of the situation - that this is ALL about the kids. Not just a single kid, not just your kid, my kid, a small group of kids or a single team of kids – it is about every single kid in the program… regardless of ability, athleticism, skills, physical attributes, age, sex, race or any other factor.

All of our teams have a mix of talent and consist of a number of outstanding players and a number of underdeveloped players. But all of our kids are eager to show they’re ready to play and every kid on every team will have major contributions to his/her team whether it is being the leading scorer or whether they simply gave 100% hustle when they were on the floor.

During the season all of the teams will celebrate ups but also fight thru our downs. We must remember that those failures along with hard work help build character which always comes with benefits whether big or small.

If a child is never an Olympian or a professional athlete but they still earn a college scholarship than they have benefited tremendously. On the other hand if your child doesn't get a college scholarship but this basketball journey provides a backbone of character that made them a stronger and better person, they have still benefited - perhaps even more. If enjoying this sport provides nothing beyond a lifetime of physical fitness and fun you are still gaining from all the dedication and hard work.

I want you all to know that I am extremely proud of each and every kid in our program. I believe that each of them has a bright future ahead of them if they continue to set goals and work hard on the court and in the classroom. My goal is and will always be to teach our youth the game of basketball with emphasis on respect, leadership, discipline and integrity. These things will help propel them and mold them into future successes.

If you’re interested in joining our CCB family, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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